Monday, April 27, 2009

three weeks and counting....

Before I left everyone told me that blogging was going to be challenging to keep up with, but until I got about a month in, I didnt realize how busy I would be and how little time I would have to blog. Anyway, today is the three week marker. Three weeks from today I will be walking in American soil! While I am learning how to live in the moment, and give all to God what needs to be done today. I am still really excited about the day when I come home. But, these next few weeks are going to be really exciting here as well. We have three full days of classes and work this week, and then on Thursday afternoon all of the students, and my siblings, and a couple of our other friends are going to the beach for a long weekend. We are all really excited to see the coast and get a glimpse of the beauty there. We come back late Sunday night, and then on Monday morning Grant and I are going to a small Church in the jungle to do some leadership training and help them plan a camp for this summer. I am so excited about this opportunity and I cannot wait to see what comes of it. Also I get to do some camp stuff, and for me life doesnt get too much better than that! So, we will be there for five days before we head back home. Then, the following day, Saturday, we have a huge going away dinner with all of the students and their families. Then we take our finals on Monday morning and have the rest of the last week to write our final papers and get whatever shopping or sightseeing that we didnt get done, finished! I cannot believe that it is all coming to an end, I am going to be really sad to say bye to all of my friends and family here, but I cannot wait to see my friends and family from home! It is going to be one amazing day!

These past few days have been really challenging, a little stressful, and very full. We have been planning a workshop for the leaders of the Sunday School, all in Spanish, and we have been writing curriculum for the Sunday School. On Saturday we put on the workshop after weeks of planning and practicing, thanks to God's goodness and provision, we were able to pull of a really incredible workshop and mock Sunday School. I cannot believe that it is over, but I am thankful that it all came together. I had to teach the lesson for the Sunday School and I was so nervous that I would forget my Spanish or that I would not make any sense, but God gave me the energy and the words to speak. God is Good.

I am about to be late for a meeting, but I just wanted to write a quick hello and a little life update, even if it is short. This week please pray for productivity and patience. Thank You!

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