Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Welcome to Quito!

Hola de Quito, Ecuador!

We made it! After a full day of traveling, some flight delays, and a long wait in the customs line we made it to Quito by midnight! We drove through the city, grabbed some food at the only resturant open at midnight and made it to bed by 2 a.m.

Today we spent the day traveling around the villages north of Quito. The weather and scenery here is incredible! I cannot even explain the majesty of the mountains and lakes in the area. It was about 75 degrees today and the sun was shining. It was the perfect way to being our long adventure in the country of Ecuador. Although Spanish is challenging and intimidating, the challenge of listening to the locals has been fun. I can pick up on most things, but forming sentances is the hard part. I've gotten pretty good at ordering food at resturants in the mean time.

After only getting 5 hours of sleep last night and spending alot of the day on a tour bus most of us are trying to keep our eyes open enough to get some contact with the world. There are five girls and I huddled in a stairwell, because it is the only place that we can get internet, all typing away and listening to Hannah Montana on a TV from the room we are sitting outside of! As we look forward to the adventure tomorrow, please pray...

1. For our flight to Cuenca
2. For the excitement and nerves that comes with meeting our host families tomorrow
3. For a good nights sleep tonight as tomorrow will be another long day
4. For all of our Spanish language skills, we are all a little rusty
and 5. for the continued growth of relationships with the other members of my team!


  1. Thanks for the update!! I am really excited for you today as you travel to where you will live this next few months. I am praying for you and your host family, that you will have meaningful relationships. I am praying that you will grow even closer to Jesus as you learn this culture and serve Him in the new church.

  2. Katie thanks so much for the update! Prayed for you today. Be safe! you are Loved,


  3. KT... I'm checking this more than FaceBook! Be blessed and keep shining the light of Christ to the world in Ecuador!

    We love you! .... David

  4. you are bad at spanish...BOOM ROASTED. Miss you! -Jen