Tuesday, February 17, 2009


Today has been a really refreshing day. This is the first day since we have been here that we do not have a meeting in the afternoon, or someplace to be after lunch. This was so great because I was able to play catch up and feel like I was accomplishing alot. I was also able to spend a little extra time with God today and spend alot of time in prayer. It was just such a refreshing afternoon, I am really thankful for this time.

Yesterday, Monday, was a really challenging but excitng day for me. Right after our Spanish class Grant and I were able to skype with Faye Chechowich (our CE professor) and Heather Sommer (our off campus director). This was such an encouraging time for Grant and I. We were able to talk about all of the exciting opportunities that we have had and also express a few concerns. But, I know that we both left the meeting feeling encouraged and supported. It is always good to hear encouaging news from home! Also, in the afternoon we had a meeting with Gustavo Leon to talk about our ministy experiences so far, and also to learn about the discipleship ministry at the Church. The discipleship ministry is something that Grant and I are both really interested in, and after hearing about some of the plans that Gustavo has we were really excited to get involved. I think that we can learn alot from this ministry, and also do our best to help out in any way possible. I am excited to see what God has in store for this ministry and for the rest of our experience here!

Last night we were able to go out with the Consolidation group into the homes of visitors that had come to the Church. During this time we split into groups of two in order to go into the homes and share the Gospel with these new people. Grant and I were split into different groups and taken to different homes. Although it was exciting to see this ministry in action, it was difficult being only with one other person and going into a strangers home. I spent most of the time in the home listening to what Joeh Carrera had to say and praying that God would do big things in the hearts of the family that we were with. I didnt have alot to say because John does this every week and he knows what is going on, so I talked some at the beginning about thier family and their jobs, but other than that I listened to John sharing the Gospel. He was very passionate and excited about what he had to say, and it was very evident in the way that he shared. At the end it was really incredible because this family of four accepted Christ as their personal Savior and were interested in coming back to the Church. After someone accepts Christ in the Church, they do their best to get them plugged in to a home group where they can be fed and encouraged as much as possible. I am really amazed at how proactive they are about sharing the Gospel and getting people involved. The experience was definitely uncomfortable most of the time, but the experience was well worth the uncomfortable feeling.

After this encouraging and somewhat relaxing day, I am looking forward to a busy week. As I enter into this week and seek to get more involved in the ministries at the Church, please pray...
1. That I will depend fully on God and be tuned into what He wants me to do Daily
2. That I will continue to improve in Spanish and feel more comfortable talking to native speakers in every situation.
3. That our group will feel the presence of God here and that they will not get discouraged with longings for home or the norm.
and 4. That the people of Cuenca will see the majesty of God and that they will be open to His love and saving grace.

Thank You to those who have been so encouraging and supportive during this time away from home. Your prayers and words have been such a blessing.

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  1. Hey there amiga! Good to hear from you again! Keep em coming!

    Praying for these things- and for an open perspective for you in regards to how God answers these things!