Friday, February 27, 2009

Busses and taxis

Hm. the last two days. I have a story for you. My sister's birthday is on Monday, so on Thursday Grant and I went into the central to buy some ingredients to make cookies for her birthday and potentially find something fun to get her. We had no problems getting there and finding everything that we needed, and on the way back we had to take bus number 15 'Feria Libre' in order to get back to our houses. On the way back we just missed bus 15 and had to wait in the rain for a few minutes for another one. Not too long later we got on bus 15 and thought we were heading home. After a while we were looking around and thought, hm this doesnt look familiar. We thought that maybe we were on the wrong bus, but we looked at the front and it said 15 Feria Libre. So we rode for a little while longer and then we saw that we were about to go into the mountains. We knew we were on the wrong bus, but we thought that all of the busses took a circular type route and would eventually get back to where we were before so we could find the right bus. After about 1o minutes in the mountains, we (well mostly me) started to get really nervous and so I told Grant to call his sister. When he was talking to her she told us that we had to get off the bus right away because it wasnt going to turn around. At this point we had already been on the bus for almost an hour. So, we got off the bus in the middle of a mountain with no one around and little to no traffic. Grants sister told us that we needed to catch a bus going the other way and get back as soon as possible. Well we waited at a bus stop for a while and a bus passed but didnt stop. weird. then another passed and didnt stop. At this point it was starting to get really dark and I was freaking out! We called Grants sister again and told her that the busses werent stopping and they didnt have any passengers. So she told us that we needed to catch a taxi, but there were NO TAXI's around. There had been maybe one car that passed the whole time. So we waited, and I freaked out. Finally, a taxi passed and we tried to flag it down but he has passengers and he just kept going. At this point I was really worried that we were going to be there for a long time, and a stinking dog started barking and getting really close to us. It was not good. I was praying and trying not to freak out completely when the taxi from earlier came to get us, after he had dropped of his passengers. I was so thankful for God's provision and love at that moment. It was such a blessing. After and $8 fare and a 20 minute ride we made it home. Our families were freaking out and laughing all at the same time. Now that I look back it is a little funny, but while it was happening, it was NOT funny. I am so thankful that we made it back safely. When we got back our families said that sometimes they forget to take off the Feria Libre sign, so you have to ask and make sure. Glad we know that now. I would like to stay in Cuenca from now on!

Since that interesting incident, our lives have been alot less stressful. Today we had the opportunity to plan for the Sunday School ministry and learn from one of the leaders of the Church more of the structure and mission that the Church has. I really love seeing what their plan is for ministry and their vision for all of the people of the Church. We also met with the leader fo Sunday School at his office and he is looking for some changes to the ministry, and I cannot wait to get more involved and see what we can do to make it more effective. One of the really interesing things about Cuenca that the Verbo Church is seeking to utilize is the vast amount of Catholics. They think it is so important to recognize that most people in the Church and in the city come from a Catholic background, they want to teach to the Catholics more about Jesus and his redeeming sacrifice. I am really interested in knowing more about that and how they teach to the Catholics!

Tomorrow my sister and Grant and his sister are going to Turi, the highest point in all of Cuenca. Apparently we are able to see all of the city of Cuenca from the balcony of the Church there. I am really excited (and WILL remember my camara!) As we head into the weekend, Saturday with relaxation and Sunday with ministy all day, please pray that...
1. We will be safe in all that we do and trust in God's provision
2. We will be effective ministers of the Gospel of Jesus Christ and give all that we have to Him.
3. We will be seeking Christ every day and not fall into complacency as we put alot of time into work and ministries.
and 4. That we will be living in the moment and recognize that everyday is a gift from God.


  1. I love to read your blog. I was glad to hear about your experience in the mountains after the fact, when I knew you were safe. I am glad that you are in His hands. Thanks too for the pics. Please tell us who the people are. Praying....

  2. on the plus side, you could have become a mountain woman. i mean, seriously, that would have been sweet. just an idea. i miss you lots. love reading your posts. and check your email soon so i can give you a clue into what's goin on in my springhill life :) love love. laura bob